Briefs: Rebooting “Scooby-Doo,” “Ok Go” Mesmerizes, And Brett Gleason’s “I Am Not”

Birthday shoutouts go to Will Forte (above), who is 44, Jason Patric is 48, Venus Williams is 34, and Greg Kinnear is 51.

The Teen Choice Award nominations were announced today, and it includes a lot of werewolves and vampires.

Remember the two big-screen Scooby-Doo films with Sarah-Michelle Gellar? And the two small screen Scooby-Doo films with Robbie Amell? Well, Warner Bros. is hoping you forget, because they’re ready to reboot the franchise again.

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Here’s Ok Go with “The Writing’s On The Wall,” featuring a warehouse of optical illusions. As usual, it’s a visual feast, but I hope they’re paying New Order royalties for the sound.

Brett Gleason is one of of our favorite out artists, and he always delivers provocative and usually dark music and visuals. Here’s his latest,
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