When Will We Get the Jetpacks Movies Promised Us?

While watching Thunderball recently, I was reminded of how James Bond escapes from a funeral on a wicked-cool jetpack (or rather, a jetpack that was wicked-cool in 1965). This, in turn, reminded me of all the fantastic uses of jetpacks over the years – from the original King of the Rocket Men serial from 1949 to the Commando Cody shorts from the 50s to Joe Johnston’s The Rocketeer in 1990 and even Iron Man’s portable propulsion devices. Like the flying car from The Jetsons, the jetpack seems forever out of reach for our everyday use, but it’d be such a brilliant tool to have. This got me thinking… where are the jetpacks we were promised? The Answer: They’re already here, but they don’t work the same way. In the real world, jetpacks have been around for decades. In fact, the famous device seen in Thunderball was actually an operating jetpack known as the Bell Rocket Belt
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