Manhattan Trailer: Wgn’s New Drama Series Chronicles the Making of the First Atomic Bomb

Wgn has released the debut Manhattan trailer for the network’s upcoming drama series about the making of the world’s first atomic bomb. While I was initially as skeptical of a Wgn drama series as you probably are, this trailer actually doesn’t look half-bad. Moreover, the show has veteran director Thomas Schlamme (The West Wing, Parenthood, Sports Night) at the helm and Masters of Sex alum Sam Shaw as the creator and writer. The story takes place in 1940s Los Alamos, New Mexico and revolves around the men working secretly on the Manhattan Project as well as the toll it takes on their lives and family. The Manhattan Project is really one of the most fascinating stories in modern history, and while there are a few moments of melodrama in this first trailer, it looks like a pretty promising take on the subject matter. Hit the jump to watch the first Manhattan trailer.
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