The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars

Directed by: Josh Boone

Cast: Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Nat Wolff, Laura Dern

Running Time: 2 hrs 5 mins

Rating: PG-13

Release Date: June 6, 2014

Plot: A young woman named Hazel who is fighting cancer (Woodley) falls in love with a young man named Gus who is also sick (Elgort).

Who’S It For? People who like movies that very precisely hope to make them cry.


The Fault in Our Stars isn’t a formulaic film so much as a profoundly scientific one. It is concentrated from the methods for which a film experience can become an emotionally rewarding evacuation of the tear ducts, regardless as to whether a viewer has read the book. With its pretty young leads, post-Juno dialogue, and bingo board bummer jam soundtrack, the film is a crowd pleaser for viewers looking to cry on a movie’s shoulder. However, it doesn’t
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