Star Wars: Episode VII May Focus On John Boyega's Character

Who is going to be the focal point of J.J. Abrams. Star Wars: Episode VII? Some reports suggest a meaty role for Harrison Ford.s outlaw, Han Solo. Others think that the baton is getting passed to the younger generation. possibly the children of either Luke Skywalker, or Han and Leia. And now hearing a new candidate for potential story "lead," and it.s none other than Attack the Block standout John Boyega. The actor.s name was highlighted on a bullet-point list of "things we believe to be true" published by Latino-Review pertaining to Star Wars: Episode VII. From what the site has confirmed (though anonymous sources), Boyega is the character who "has the story arc that brings him into Star Wars. greater universe" in a narrative that "has echoes of Luke.s arc in A New Hope." The site goes on to say that John ...
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