The Big Bang Theory Complete Reviews: The Bad Fish Paradigm

S2 E1, 'The Bad Fish Paradigm'

Have you ever watched a movie featuring Aishwarya Rai? Perhaps you've seen pictures of her? Go ahead and Google her, I'll wait (don't worry, she's very anti-nudity, so don't worry about any Nsfw pictures coming up). Gorgeous, isn't she? And yet, Sheldon would have you believe that she's a poor man's Madhuri Dixit. While Dixit is indeed very beautiful, she's no Aishwarya. However, Sheldon also believes that he could be Batman with the right funding, so there you are. Welcome to Season Two of The Big Bang Theory, where wackiness reigns and science is the name of the game.

When we left Leonard and Penny at the end of Season One, they were on their first date. We rejoin them as the date is wrapping up, and Leonard is explaining to Penny that frozen yogurt isn't yogurt at all, which she finds interesting, but
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