Meme: Brian Sims Predicts Gay President In a Decade, The Red Viper’s Funeral Sounds Fabulous, David Beckham Mulls Return To Soccer

Doctor Strange finds a director, Joel Osteen doesn’t want views on homosexuality to sidetrack his message, Aaron Schock can’t keep his shirt on

Pennsylvania Rep and all around hunk Brian Sims has no problem being known as the openly gay representative, because soon it won’t matter. “It doesn’t bother me that people label me as the ‘gay elected representative of Pennsylvania. In 50 years, it won’t be an issue anymore. Looking at the current trend in the American opinion, we’ll have a gay president in 10 years.” Perhaps you, Mr. Sims?

TVLine has some typically vague spoilers about the premiere of Teen Wolf. Read them and be confused, but also remember your grain of salt.

Florida Circuit Court Judge Sarah Zabel has denied the petition of three anti-gay groups including the infamous Florida Family Association to intervene in the marriage equality case there. And her reasoning is golden,
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