‘The Grand Seduction’ is a charmer that’s fishing for quirky bait

The Grand Seduction

Starring Brendan Gleeson, Taylor Kitsch, Liane Balaban, Gordon Pinsent, Mark Critch

Directed by Don McKellar

Written by Michael Dowse and Ken Scott

Canada, 2014

One has to acquire a taste for eccentric dramedies that are populated by infectious quirky characters, a far-fetching premise, gentle-minded absurdity and an appreciation for the small-scale cinema experience to embrace the giddy gumption of director Don McKellar’s odd yet highly-spirited The Grand Seduction. Breezy, mildly confusing and charmingly off-kilter The Grand Seduction is an English-language Canadian film that tickles the funnybone in its cheeky conviction detailing the desperate economical times of a financially-strapped Newfoundland fishing village.

Now American television audiences in particular may inevitably view the witty Seduction as a knockoff to the critically-acclaimed early 1990′s series Northern Exposure where the off-base, fish-out-of-the-water quirks and kooky culture shock of revolving personalities co-existing in a quaint scenic hamlet may seem grudgingly familiar. Well
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