2014 Haverhill Experimental Film Festival: Official Lineup

The 2nd annual Haverhill Experimental Film Festival features a powerhouse lineup of fantastic short films and one killer feature. It runs May 29–June 1 above the Tap Brewing Company in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

The fest opens on the 29th with a trio of special program events, including a live Super 8mm film performance by Richard Fedorchak, followed by Jodie Mack‘s autobiographical rock animated documentary Dusty Stacks of Mom and assorted Mack handmade films, then ending with live musical scoring of silent films curated by Bob Beal.

The next night, May 30, is not to be missed with two programs of short films that include two incredible standout, award-winning films. First is Kent Lambert‘s masculine video game and pop culture meditation Reckoning 3; second is Mike Olenick‘s gorgeously creepy supervillain serial killer drama Red Luck.

The one feature film of the festival screens on June 1 and is Last Stop, Flamingo, another entry
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