Rise of UKIP Poses Challenges for British Film and TV Folk

London — The surge in support for the U.K. Independence Party — demonstrated at the European Union election last week — may have major consequences for the British film and TV industry.

UKIP, which advocates an exit from the European Union, took first place among British parties in the EU election, the results of which were just announced. It is the first time a party other than the Conservatives or Labor Party has come first in a national election for 100 years.

The Ukip vote surged 11% to nab 27.5% of the votes cast, compared with 25.4% for Labor, and 23.9% for the Conservatives, which forms part of the coalition government with the Liberal Democrats, whose support fell 6.87%, leaving it with just 6.87% of the vote.

There is a double threat to EU membership posed by the Ukip surge. First, if Ukip wins next May’s general election, then the U.K. will definitely leave the EU. Second,
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