‘The Big Ask’ an awkward, honest, quirky dramedy about love and sex

The Big Ask

Written by Thomas Beatty

Directed by Thomas Beatty & Rebecca Fishman

USA, 2013

Friendship is all about compromise. Any true bond that lasts and endures relies heavily on the notion that he, she, or they will do almost anything for the good of the relationship. Such a bond is tested in the new dramedy The Big Ask. In this honest, slightly gritty indie film, we see just how much one person relies on his friends and how a rather unusual request can instill random emotions and reactions from a small group of people.

Andrew (David Krumholtz) has just lost his mother to cancer. He moves into a new house in Joshua Tree with his girlfriend Hannah (Melanie Lynskey). To cope with his grief, Andrew invites two other couples/close friends to his home to basically sit shiva with him. Andrew, however, has other plans in mind. He asks the
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