Touchy Feely review

A likeable cast and competent director can't quite make this story about sad people being sad any more entertaining...

Lynn Shelton's previous works – Humpday, My Sister's Sister - may have dallied in your local arthouse cinema, but her latest effort didn't make the same sort of dent as these when released in America last year. It has in its favour a respectable cast full of people you like watching (Ellen Page, Scoot McNairy, Allison Janney, the voice of Raphael in the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Josh Pais), but despite the wealth of talent involved Touchy Feely fundamentally fails to engage.

My Sister's Sister's Rosemary DeWitt stars as Abby, a massage therapist who develops and aversion to human contact. What follows is ninety minutes of depressed and repressed people slowly failing to talk about what's bothering them. It's well acted – presumably when the performances are uniformly restrained this has been
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