The Pacino Code: In Search of an Al-gorithm

Al Pacino is an acting legend who has starred in some truly great movies... but he's also been in some less-than-spectacular flicks. So how can you know ahead of time whether an Al Pacino movie will be Classic Cinema or just a Pacino Paycheck? We’re working on a formula that will allow us to plug in some numbers and arrive at a conclusion, and here’s what we have so far.


Looking at the variables in this equation, it seems like Heat could have been a miss. It might not have been a sure thing, but it's definitely one of the best cat-and-mouse cop movies to hit theaters. It's Certified Fresh by Rotten Tomatoes and is a classic '90s crime drama.

Jack and Jill

At a glance, we'd assume an Al Pacino working with a comedian and a director who together regularly spin box office gold would result in something pretty terrific.
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