The ABCs Of Death 2 Releases First Slew Of Horrifying Images: See Them All Here!

Hot on the heels of their ambitious horror anthology The ABCs Of Death, Drafthouse producers Ant Timpson and Tim League decided that the world needed another collection of horror shorts spanning every letter of the alphabet – and adventurous horror fans much like myself rejoiced. The ABCs Of Death 2 was greenlit, the directors were selected, and the inevitable waiting game began.

I tried on numerous occasions to extract as much information as possible from contributing artists – Jerome Sable, Aharon Keshales, Navot Papushado were tight-lipped in our interviews – but it looks like Magnet and Drafthouse are ready to start opening the floodgate of horrors hiding amidst these 26 short stories that are ready to shock, scare, and revolt viewers in ways the original didn’t dare.

While certain sites were originally given their own exclusive images, we’re now able to collect the smattering of gross faces, forest scenes, and creepy monsters
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