10 Sexiest Comic Book Movie Moments

Columbia Pictures

Comic book movies don’t exactly have a reputation for being particularly sexy, largely because most of them tend to be aimed at kids and teenagers, limiting what directors are able to put on screen to get the desired, family-friendly rating.

That said, comic book movies have on occasion managed to offer up some sexy, alluring moments to make us perk up in our cinema seats. Whether it’s full-on nudity in an R-rated comic book adaptation or simply an eye-pleasing but relatively clean moment in a big tentpole blockbuster, these moments held our attention more than even the most explosive set-piece.

We’ve got an iconic scene that instantly made a star out of one actress, more than a few totally in-your-face moments of undeniable gorgeousness, and also one of the most ludicrous (and sexy) sex scenes in recent cinema history featuring one of cinema’s most bewilderingly sexy current talents.
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