Adam Brody Explains How Leighton Meester Got Him to Costar With Her

It has been seven years since The O.C.'s series finale, and for those missing Seth Cohen, you may be able to get your fix. In Life Partners (a movie we loved at the Tribeca Film Festival), Adam Brody plays Tim, a character who has a few similarities to his longtime geeky role, and he gets the girl this time, too. But the girl isn't his real-life wife and costar Leighton Meester - it's Community's Gillian Jacobs, whom he woos in the film. However, when we chatted with Brody, he said it was Meester who was instrumental in getting him to sign onto the film. He also took a walk down memory lane, revealing once and for all what he thinks of an O.C. reunion then spilled on what to expect from his TV return in new Amazon pilot The Cosmopolitans. Source: Getty / Imeh Akpanudosen Popsugar: You and Gillian Jacobs are longtime friends.
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