Parks and Recreation's cameos: how does Michelle Obama measure up?

The season finale saw the first lady meet Leslie Knope, but was she a better actor than Joe Biden or John McCain?

The Parks and Recreation season finale may have featured Ginuwine, the Decemberists and Jon Hamm, but one guest star outshone them all. First lady Michelle Obama appeared as the keynote speaker at the National Parks Conference, eventually recruiting Leslie Knope to her Let's Move campaign.

Amy Poehler's Leslie has always been a political overachiever, simultaneously admiring and emulating favoured bureaucrats Hillary Rodham Clinton, Madeleine Albright and Nancy Pelosi. When Leslies then-boyfriend, now-husband Ben Wyatt took a short-term job running a congressional campaign in Washington DC, it gave Leslie a chance to cross bipartisan lines and meet some of her heroes. But can these real-life politicians act, even if theyre playing themselves?

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