At What Point Do You Think Johnny Depp’s Career Started To Fall Apart?

Warner Bros.

It’s probably safe to say that Johnny Depp does not enjoy the same levels of popularity that he did around a decade ago. Granted, the actor hit the height of his popularity after he was launched to worldwide fame in the first movie in Disney’s ever expanding Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, playing Captain Jack Sparrow, a rum-obsessed pirate with morality issues who seems to be channelling Keith Richards. In recent years, though, Depp seems unable to find himself in a genuinely good film – flop after flop, bad review after bad review. So what’s going on?

With the recent release of sci-fi thriller Transcendence, which has been panned across the board, it’s just another misfire to add to Depp’s increasingly muddled filmography. His performance as Dr. Will Caster has been branded “catatonic” and “sleepy” (which at least makes a change, given the intensity
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