“Community” Campaigns for Sixth Season, HBO Adapting J.K. Rowling’s “Casual Vacancy” and “Big Bang Theory” Aims For Ten


In a surprising development for streaming video, Amazon Prime has obtained the rights to HBO shows. Don’t cancel your cable subscription just yet, the deal only covers older HBO shows, plus Girls and Veep episodes that are more than three years old. Still, the news is a pretty big deal. Netflix has long had older episodes of Showtime’s series (and now Hulu has a few shows), but HBO has resisted letting its shows appear anywhere but HBO Go. Game of Thrones and True Detective as well as Sex and the City (which airs in syndication) aren’t included.

Recently, CBS renewed The Big Bang Theory for three seasons, which would take it to season ten. Showrunner Steve Molaro tells The Hollywood Reporter that, for now at least, he’s approaching that tenth season as the final one, which would give the show a Friends-sized run.

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