First Look At Arnie On The Set Of ‘Terminator: Genesis’

Just yesterday Skydance officially confirmed that cameras have begun rolling on Alan Taylor’s upcoming Terminator: Genesis. With the project raising more than a few eyebrows for both fans and casual moviegoers, the fifth film in the Terminator franchise has certainly been surrounded with a heavy amount of curiosity and concern.

Although we are still no closer to discovering anything in regards to Terminator: Genesis’ story, we do have the first set pictures of the Governator returning to his most iconic role. That’s right The Terminator has joined the Louisiana set of the film, to reprise his role as an aged version of the famous T-800 that has both terrorised and saved Sarah Connor in James Cameron’s two original masterpieces. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the focal point of public interest in the upcoming sequel/reboot, as the only returning cast member from previous instalments in the franchise. As (arguably
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