How To Fix The Matrix Sequels Pt. 1: Reloaded

The Matrix changed everything. The monster hit of 1999, it went into the annals of movie legend and never released its talon-like grip on the pop-cultural zeitgeist. Everybody was talking about this film. It wasn’t just the groundbreaking set pieces and fighting that had audiences flocking in droves, however. This was an action movie that dared to be smart, thoughtful even, laying out the carpet for a new generation of hyper-charged blockbusters that challenged the audience’s intellect as much as its senses. As much as The Matrix played on the tropes of the genre, it had ideas above its station, majoring in philosophy and Lynchian nightmares. It presented fantastical and spiritual mythos as a backdrop to breathless viscera. Bullet-dodging nailed down the viewer long enough to ask some truly troubling questions.

This was the key to its success. Although they took their time to concoct a series of pulsating
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