Nick Frost Tells Us About How Fear Made Him Want to Dance His Heart Out for 'Cuban Fury'

Nick Frost is probably one of the last actors you'd imagine leading a romantic comedy about salsa dancing, and the Shaun of the Dead and The World's End star is certainly aware of that fact. That's why it took so long for him to work up the courage to actually tell anyone he wanted to make a movie where his dancing was a huge plot point. What's great about Cuban Fury, though, is that it doesn't make fun of the fact that Nick Frost is a large man doing dances usually reserved for slim, sexy people. This is a well-meaning, heartfelt comedy about a man (Frost) coming to terms with the fact that he's excellent at something everyone would make fun of him for. It also doesn't hurt that his secret hobby happens to be the precise type of exotic dancing that his...

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