Dan Savage, Andrew Sullivan Blast Nyt Jo Becker's Gay History Book: It's ‘Bullsh-t’

  • The Wrap
Jo Becker's new high-profile book chronicling the marriage-equality movement, “Forcing the Spring,” is getting vitriolic reviews from some of the most influential Lgbt writers in the country. The Daily Dish's Andrew Sullivan ripped the book as a “distorted and ahistorical and polemical attack on the architects of the marriage equality movement,” and called Becker a “credulous, ignorant reporter” “who knows nothing of the history of the movement.” Also read: Alec Baldwin on MSNBC Cancellation: GLAAD Spokesman and Andrew Sullivan ‘Killed’ His Show “The book descends into jaw-dropping distortion,” he writes. …There are the following bizarre consequences of her insane history.
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