"The Walking Dead" Season 5 Updates

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Sneak Peek footage of "The Walking Dead" showrunner Scott Gimple interviewed on "Larry King Now", revealing more spoiler insights about AMC's ultra-violent 'zombie' drama series "The Walking Dead" Season 5, which starts airing again October 13, 2014:

When asked if the new episodes would take place right after the Season 4 finale Gimple said, "That is a fair question...I would say, 'It would be very difficult with such a cliffhanger to skip over what happens next.' You know, right next..."

When asked if the fate of 'Beth'would be revealed in Season 5, Gimple replied, "Absolutely."

A fan of Robert Kirkman's comic book series "The Walking Dead", Gimple confirmed that the new season will "...continue to be a remix. There’ll be stuff that you’ll see...that’s directly from the pages of the comics. And then, you’ll see things that are like...inspired by the comics...a
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