Chef Releases Trailer And Poster

You have to hand it to Jon Favreau, director, writer, and star of the upcoming film Chef, which has finally released a trailer and poster. He chipped away for quite a while, working a variety of roles, and made pretty serious mark in the indie world. Then he made one of the first Christmas movies to really take a stranglehold on the market in decades. But, he didn’t just throw out whatever got him a paycheck along the way, and he isn’t changing that tradition now.

Not afraid to get his hands dirty in a variety of genres, and no stranger to A-listers, or indie films, Favreau has now apparently decided to ask the question, “What if we made an indie film, but got everyone to show up anyway?”

Chef, noted in the trailer as being referred to as “Food Porn,” finds Chef Carl Casper (Favreau) suddenly taking on a new career path,
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