In the Flesh: Porn Noir: Film Noir Meets '70s Smut at Anthology Film Archives

If you've ever wished more pornographers idolized Mickey Spillane, then get to Anthology Film Archives for Porn Noir, the latest in their In the Flesh adult film surveys. Smutty, hard-boiled curios like Expose Me, Lovely and The Double Exposure of Holly are emblematic of the "porno chic" era (1972–1975) of high-concept porn.

Unfortunately, Expose Me, Lovely, the better half of that 1976 double-header, is a mostly dopey Raymond Chandler homage. It's a Big Sleep–style neo-noir with dialogue like "You wouldn't exactly call me a dead end, would you?" "Baby, you're more like a six-lane expressway." The Opening of Misty Beethoven star Ras Kean plays a private detective searching for a missing boho socialite. Director Arm...
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