‘Happy Camp’ Review: Keep Driving, There’s Nothing to See Here

And the hairy monster in the woods found footage train continues — The Lost Coast Tapes, The Woodsman, Bigfoot County, Exists, Willow Creek — with the latest film to hop aboard coming, inexplicably, from producer Drew Barrymore‘s Flower Films. All the ingredients are here, from the small town wary of outsiders to the Rv filled with outsiders who come rolling into town with digital cameras filming their every move, from the deadly mystery to the cheesy denouement, from the endless bickering to fill screentime to the questionable camera footage. Welcome to Happy Camp. The opening onscreen text tells us that Happy Camp, CA has reported over 627 missing people in the past 25 years, the highest number in the continental United States, and clearly that’s more impressive than simply saying there have been 628. One of the missing is a young boy named Dean Tanner who disappeared in 1989 while playing with his adopted brother Michael. Twenty
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