Giant Tumbleweeds Invade Colorado Town

  • FEARnet
Though tumbleweeds are not at all uncommon in a place like Colorado, where the dry weather oftentimes causes plants to dry up and blow away when hit with gusts of wind, the state is currently experiencing a pretty aggressive invasion from the typically harmless tumbleweeds, which is unlike anything residents have ever seen before.

CNN reports that the dried up nuisances are taking over Colorado neighborhoods, and the clusters of dead foliage are causing a whole lot of problems. Unusually high winds are to blame for the invasion, with clusters in some areas piling up as high as six-feet tall, blocking sidewalks and driveways. Residents are using rakes and even snow plows to clear up their yards, worried that the massive gatherings of tumbleweeds could potentially pose a serious fire hazard.

Though it all sounds sort of humorous, the tumbleweeds are literally blockading people inside their homes, and getting stuck underneath vehicles,
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