'Castle' Season 6, episode 19: Penny Johnson Jerald's Captain Gates welcomes her sister in 'The Greater Good'

"Castle" Season 6 is finally giving fans a closer look at the personal life of Captain Victoria Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald). In episode 19, "The Greater Good," Gates' sister, Elizabeth Weston (Salli Richardson-Whitfield, "Eureka"), enters the picture as a Us Attorney involved with a murder case.

Things are not particularly good between the sisters. Zap2it talked to Johnson Jerald about the episode and what it means for Gates.

Zap2it: What can you share about 'The Greater Good'?

Johnson Jerald: I can tell you that it is an exciting episode. I can tell you that you will enjoy the cast, the guest stars, and you're definitely going to support and love Salli Richardson, who is playing my sister. She's a wonderful choice.

Is this an episode in which Gates' personal life is exposed, or will she mostly just be working the case?

This particular episode, you're going to get to see both.
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