Us critics take aim at Oz vigilante thriller

Kelly Dolen.s John Doe: Vigilante premiered in Us cinemas last Friday and was met with mostly negative reviews which branded it as shrill, gory and pseudo-intellectual.

However one critic hailed the thriller as "riveting, unsettling, important, and poignant."

Main Street Films launched the film starring Battlestar Galactica.s Jamie Bamber as John Doe, a self-styled vigilante who is on trial for 33 murders, on 20 screens in California, Colorado and Arizona.

The screenplay by Stephen M. Coates follows a vigilante group called Speak for the Dead which supports Doe.s cause while he.s in prison, igniting a debate about justice versus vengeance. Lachy Hulme (Offspring, Power Games: The Packer-Murdoch Story, The Matrix Revolutions) plays a reporter who is trying to uncover the true story about Doe..

Produced by Screen Corp.s James M. Vernon and Kristy Vernon, Keith Sweitzer and David Lightfoot, the film will debut in Australia on May 1 via Monster Pictures.
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