Indiana Jones 5: 10 Actors Who Could Replace Shia LeBeouf

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With all the excitement and anticipation for Star Wars Episode VII, rumours about two Indiana Jones sequels seem to have slipped through the net (last month it was reported that Harrison Ford was interested in reprising his role as Indiana Jones for two more films).

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull may have disappointed many but it was never going to live up to our expectations and there were many great moments that didn’t involve ‘nuking the fridge’. Marion and Indy reunited, Cate Blanchett having great fun as over the top villain Irina Spalko and the horde of giant ants in the jungle that became one of the best creature moments in the four films to date.

You’ll notice that Shia LeBeouf isn’t mentioned in that list; the appearance of the long lost son of Indiana Jones was an interesting plot device
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