'Mad Men' at Paleyfest: Jon Hamm's YouTube recommendation, a staring contest and more

There's a parallel universe somewhere in which "Mad Men" is a straight-up comedy, and it's not very far from our own.

The Emmy-winning series has featured plenty of comedic moments over the years, and Friday (March 21) at the 2014 Paley Festival, the cast's way with a funny line was on full display. Even before the first question, the show's cast was drawing laughs, as when Jon Hamm made an exaggerated come-hither face at the sound guy attaching his mic. A very appreciative audience couldn't get enough of it.

The physical humor reached its peak with a question from a fan about how the actors convey meaning in a scene where they don't have any dialogue. Cue Hamm making a serious face at moderator Mike Schneider from TV Guide, which led to a staring contest that lasted at least a full minute, to the amazement of the rest of the cast and
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