Meme: Riding Sebastian Stan Like a Mechanical Bull, Freddie Mercury Movie Loses Director, Tina Fey Says No More “Mean Girls”

Mama June compares herself to Kim Kardashian, Mls moves to protect gay players, the Zac/Seth shirtless ratio in The Neighbors

Which Captain America costar said “[I rode] Sebastian Stan like a mechanical bull?

Everyone hates their cable bill. Mine for Internet, cable, and alarm was $194 last month, and I don’t have any premiums. But what makes it that high? Probably channels that you don’t watch, like Espn, which clocks in at $5.54 of your bill each month, though the next closest is TNT at $1.33. Yet I don’t watch sports. I have no idea what channel Espn is on, and yet I can’t opt out of the sports package.

Reno 911!’s Thomas Lennon has been cast as the neat freak Felix in Matthew Perry’s remake of The Odd Couple. Felix always read gay of course, and Lennon has a tendency to play characters that way, so I do
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