The Internet Reacts To Canada's Olympic Hockey Win Against The USA

  • Hitfix
With eight gold medals over in hockey over the years, Canada has their eye on a ninth after defeating the USA in the men's semifinals. While both teams were good sports at the end of the heart-racing 1-0 match, the Internet was not so genial. Probably because now we're stuck with Bieber. Here are 11 of the best responses to the USA shut out. #1 - Some said it was the natural order of things. Canada will always win hockey. Like Lucy will always pull the football away from Charlie Brown. As The Universe Intended. — Scott Weinberg (@scottEweinberg) February 21, 2014 #2 - And some were outraged at a clear violation of the mythical '4th quarter'. Yeah. I thought hockey was 4 quarters! When did they change? Knew something was up w/ 2 Canadian referees. We'd have it in the 4th for sure. — Joe Smith. Really. (@youravgpastor) February 21, 2014 #3 - At least one person was completely honest.
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