Complete Buffy reviews: Revelations

Revelations fades up with what sounds like the lead character from Family Guy sitting on some bagpipes. In fact, Dingoes Ate My Baby are concluding their latest set with what seems to be some sort of agonised ode to pain. Lead singer Devon is bypassing the normal laws of clear singing by turning the simple phrase “If I could walk out” into something that can only be translated as “If I could wuuuuunnnggghhh aaaggghhhlluunggghhhh.” It's amazing that Dingoes manage to get regular bookings, given that their lead singer keeps impersonating a constipated horse. Possibly, the Bronze regulars like their singers on the avant-garde side.

This groaning pain shout nicely sets the stage for Revelations, which contains more frenzied barking than a room containing The Littlest Hobo, Scooby-Doo and Shep from Blue Peter. Revelations is all about – well, revelations, if you hadn't guessed. Primarily, the big talking point is that the
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