Phantom Of The Paradise Blu-Ray Review

Director: Brian De Palma

Starring: Paul Williams, William Finley, Gerrit Graham, Jessica Harper and George Memmoli

Running Time: 92 minutes

Certificate: 15

Being a massive fan of writer and director Brian De Palma even since those early years and it soon became apparent his approach to filmmaking is unique. Visually, he’s been one of the best for decades with camerawork often dizzying to the point of breathlessness. Like most, he is prone to a few career missteps along the way in his distinguished career. De Palma does however, weave between mainstream and independent eccentricity like no other with many of his features fusing those two aspects. He’s a director that you look at and think, that guy directed Carrie and Scarface; Raising Cain and Mission: Impossible; Body Double and Carlito’S Way. Really? Cinema so far apart in scope and personality, yet intrinsically and artistically linked in style and substance.
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