'Downton Abbey,' 'New Girl' and more of the best lines from the week of Feb. 2-7

Zap2it has rounded up the best quips from the past week of TV -- everything from Prince's post-Super Bowl visit on "New Girl" to late-night reactions on Jay Leno's farewell.


Conan O'Brien, on the Olympics and Jay Leno: "NBC will finally get to show somebody who's Ok with passing the torch."


Dinah: "Come over to academia. The fun never ends!"

Felicity: "British people are really bad liars."

Felicity: "Lucky for us, Tibetan pit-viper venom is difficult to transport."

Lance: "Where'd you two even meet?"

Sara: "Vigilante club."


Bonnie: "I just want to say how proud I am of my daughter. She is the strongest person I know. If I had a guy like this, I'd be robbing banks and shooting heroin into my eyeballs to keep our love alive."

‪'New Girl'

Winston: "Honestly, can you not see
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