Evil Spreads Like a Virus in Debug

"Evil Can't Be Deleted" reads the tagline for the newest supernatural sci-fi/horror hybrid, Debug, and we're not sure why, but it makes us kind of snicker. Maybe it's because of the whole downloading evil meter in I, Frankenstein or something. In any event...

Debug is directed by David Hewlett (Cube) and stars “Games of Thrones” star Jason Momoa. Check out some sales art and stills which have arrived for Efm.


A crew of hackers who are on probation are assigned to recommission an abandoned spaceship. The disparate group members, compelled to earn their freedom, quickly fall prey to a psychotic central computer who refuses to be re-set. A lost soul haunted by the sins of her past, Kaida (Jeannane Goossen) goes head to head with the Machiavellian Artificial Intelligence (Jason Momoa) to save her troubled peers and her own humanity. But soon she discovers that they are threatened
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