10 Big Bang Theory Cameos We Want To See

In the last seven years, The Big Bang Theory has been a haven for geeks. While there are those that have been critical of the writers for playing on stereotypes of nerds, they provide interesting and comical discussions on current scientific theories and discoveries, as well as referencing so many fandoms that many of us are a part of, including Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, comic books and their respective movies, Firefly, Dungeons & Dragons and so many more. Even more, the producers have lined up talent from so many of these films, programs and comics (dare I say, the greatest of these is the recurring role of Wil Wheaton), as well as some of the leading scientists of our time. So without further ado, I present here, for your approval, my wish list for future cameos for The Big Bang Theory.

10. Mark Hamill

With the announcement that both Carrie Fisher
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