This Short Film Just Won Sundance And It Wants to Change Your Life

Why Watch? Robbin is out to change lives, admire great skylights and assure you that the snake attacking you isn’t poisonous. Simply put, he’s a good dude. All he wants to do is show you a brief presentation about his religion and expose you to the truth about your personal DNA structure. You’d let him in your house, right? He seems legit. This wondrously bizarre short film goes door to door in a Captain Eo costume, offering a bit of psychedelia and a dent for skepticism. Matthew Lessner’s Chapel Perilous (which may be a reference to King Arthur or an occult psychological state) takes an inch to move forward, but once the wacky ball starts rolling, it explores some radical, hilarious territory while grabbing you by the jaw. A literal crowd pleaser, it won the Audience Award at Sundance this year. Check it out while you still can: What Will It Cost? About
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