'The Tomorrow People': John and Astrid, John and Cara and more from Luke Mitchell

"The Tomorrow People" star Luke Mitchell has a lot to do when playing the character of John Young. Not only does John have to be a leader (and then a fallen-from-grace leader), but he also has to deal with relationships between himself and just about everyone on the show.

Find out how that works and what's coming up for John in this interview.

Zap2it: How is it to play John these days?

Luke Mitchell: It's a lot of fun to play -- it's a barrel of laughs! [laughing]

I'm very grateful to the writers of the really cool storylines they keep throwing at me. It is really a lot of fun. One of the most enjoyable things is getting to work with the majority of the cast, not getting to work with just one or two actors. I think the storylines they throw at me allow me to work with just about everyone,
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