Vin Diesel Celebrates a Fourth ‘Riddick’ Film By Recreating Grammy Night Performances in His Living Room

On some days, social media provides a terrific set of tools for our modern world. And on other days, social media provides us with six minutes of Vin Diesel awkwardly shuffle-dancing around his living room to a series of pop songs. Today, of course, brings the latter. The video (posted to the actor’s Facebook page), begins without warning or explanation. Diesel simply starts up Katy Perry‘s “Dark Horse” and begins to gyrate around, seemingly unburdened by rhythm, stopping only to thrust his face uncomfortably close to his webcam and mouth the lyrics. What could possibly inspire such a fervent display of dance-thusiasm? Had Mr. Diesel accidentally come into contact with the hallucinogenic Colorado River Toad immediately beforehand? Once “Dark Horse” dies down, the answer becomes clear: the cause for celebration is Diesel’s 2013 release, Riddick, which had just been crowned number one on the DVD sales charts. This rousing success prompted a call from Universal
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