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Av Club Sad Keanu Doll 

Empire Jj Abrams on the secrecy of his Star Wars sequels

Empire 25 different covers celebrating X-Men: Days of Future Past. I hate the cinematic interpretation of Quicksilver already... but they never do right by my favorite characters (see also Storm). And I didn't realize Sunspot was in this but they cast a Mexican actor to play an African-Brazilian? 

Playbill Brokeback Mountain: The Opera debuts today in Madrid

Us Magazine Charlize Theron & Sean Penn holding hands. The rumors are true. So that's a good excuse to relisten to...

That Film Experience Podcast in which we fantasized about same-year Oscar couples

Variety The Great Gatsby sweeps the technical prizes at the first half of the Australian Oscars. They announce the headline categories Thursday

Guardian Johnny Depp receiving an award from the Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild 

Post Script Sundance Sales

Ah, Sundance. My wrap up
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