Podcast: Oscar Talk, Trailer Guidelines, Woody Allen and the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse

Busy show for a Tuesday as we dig into a slew of Oscar topics, discuss the new movie theater trailer guidelines, take a closer look at allegations against Woody Allen, answer your questions, play some games and give you a taste of Lana Del Rey's new "Once Upon a Dream" song from the new Maleficent trailer. If you are on Twitter, we have a Twitter account dedicated to the podcast at @bnlpod. Give us a follow won'tchac I want to remind you that you can call in and leave us your comments, thoughts, questions, etc. directly on our Google Voice account, which you can call and leave a message for us at (925) 526-5763, which may be even easier to remember at (925) 5-bnl-pod. Just call, leave us a voice mail and we'll add those to the show and respond directly. An alternative to that option is a new way of
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