“Teen Wolf” 3.16: Beacon Hills Homosexy Halloween Rave

Previously on Teen Wolf, a serial killer named William Barrow ate a bunch of flies in prison and escaped into the wild when he was rushed to the hospital for a tummy ache. Realizing that he was the ultimate danger to the teenagers at Beacon Hills High School, the cops and the FBI locked him inside Beacon Hills High School during the middle of a school day. Barrow used the time to creep on Kira, whom he later kidnapped during her sushi/pizza date with Scott, and tried to electrocute with a lightning wand containing all the electricity in all the city. She just absorbed the power right into her body, though, and caused a town-wide blackout. Derek had a chat with his dead mom. Aidan and Ethan enrolled in school again to try to get onto Scott’s good side– and into Lydia and Danny‘s pants, respectively. And
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