Jackie Chan (成龍) Hopes To Reach 60 Million “Likes” By His 60th Birthday, Let’s Help Him

Official Facebook page


Action legend Jackie Chan will turn 60 when his birthday comes along in April and hopes he can reach “60 million Facebook likes”, which would be an amazing achievement.

Jackie has now passed the 50 Million mark, which is out standing, showing he has an army of fans all around the world. Jackie has just broke box office records with the release of Police Story 2013, he has done so much for charity for many, many years and still continues to do work around the world to help others.

As Jackie would love to hit another record and achieve 60 million Likes on his Facebook page, i urge every fan of his out there to go to the link at the top of the page and “Like” his page. Jackie Chan has brought us some of the greatest movies of all time, Police Story series,
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