Rumor: Pixar Will Make Their Own 'Star Wars' Movie

Because Disney's "Star Wars" plans are massive, with sequels and spinoffs already planned, the rumor mill won't just be churning around the upcoming J.J. Abrams-directed "Star Wars: Episode VII" (though yes, since it's due in 2015, it will be taking center stage of the news cycle). Indeed, fans are most curious about the side movies that aren't part of the main saga, and the other opportunities Disney will exploit to keep milking the money train that is George Lucas' franchise. And now comes an intriguing morsel that is potentially quite exciting. According to Latino Review, Pixar will be getting its own "Star Wars" movie... and that's about all the details right now. But the move isn't entirely shocking, even if Pixar has long been perceived as a rebellious outsider operating within the Disney machine. Later this year, Disney Animation is bringing the (little-known) Marvel property "Big Hero 6" to multiplexes,
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