Cs Video: Stuart Beattie Talks Tarzan, Without Remorse and Tomorrow, When the War Began

Stuart Beattie has a number of highly-anticipated films to his name as a screenwriter, but unfortunately, we won't get to see his version of three of them. While talking to Beattie about his upcoming directorial effort, I, Frankenstein , he also offered an update on three other scripts he's penned for projects that are still in the works . Without Remorse , Tarzan and Tomorrow, When the War Began 2 . Beattie proclaimed that "Without Remorse" is his favorite Tom Clancy book, but admitted: "I did that adaptation, god, ten years ago or so. I don't know. And I don't know what's happening with it." However, even though Beattie is out of that one, he did mention the possibility of Christopher McQuarrie ( Valkyrie , Edge of Tomorrow ) taking over and...
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