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The Wolf Of Wall Street (18)

(Martin Scorsese, 2013, Us) Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie, Kyle Chandler, John Bernthal, Matthew McConaughey. 180 mins

Perhaps Scorsese has more of a right than anyone to make a banking epic in the mould of a crime epic – and sure enough, this is Gordon Gekko, GoodFellas-style: a sprawling, seriocomic, voiceover-tracked rise-and-fall with a morally dubious hero. Excess is the name of the game here, to the point there's actually an excess of excess; endless choreographed tableaux of cash, drugs, cars, naked women, shouting men and celebrity cameos. These regular shots of energy keep the story buzzing, even as they bloat the running time, but Scorsese is aiming for greatness here, and there's no reining him in.

Crystal Fairy & The Magical Cactus (18)

(Sebastián Silva, 2013, Chi) Michael Cera,
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