Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wants The Sandman Movie To Be Spectacular For All The Right Reasons

2013 was a good year for first time actors-turned-directors. We finally saw "esteemed thespian" Keanu Reeves step behind the camera for his successful directorial debut, the martial arts drama Man of Tai Chi, along with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, whose first feature was the Jersey-based comedic romance Don Jon. Gordon-Levitt turned quite a few heads a couple of months ago when he was rumored to be directing and starring in a big screen adaptation of the classic comic series The Sandman, made most famous during Neil Gaiman.s masterful run with the character. Instead of backing away from the rumors as one might expect would happen involving such a seemingly impossible project, Gordon-Levitt finally copped to coming onto the project as a producer, and isn.t shy about expressing his joy about being involved. The Looper actor recently sat down with IGN to talk about Sandman and that other comic adaptation Sin City
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